The Valley of Biodiversity – Astino Section




A dense open-air museum of preciousness, where botanical collections are studied and preserved and communicate the relationship between plants and man.
It is a space of relationships and experiences, to educate for sustainability and contribute to the harmonization Human – Agriculture – Nature from the local context.

The annual target is presented in 9,000 m2 in which available 300 species with at least 1500 varieties that vary according to the seasons and the programming, from the most rustic to the tropical potted.

In the Astino section of the Botanical Garden of Bergamo you learn to adopt the diversity also with the most familiar plants: no a few tomatoes, but many tomatoes, corn, potatoes, vines, beans, quinoa, the amaranth, wheats, rice, lettice, beets etc., since the diversity is more suitable to express the fascinating complexity of agrobiodiversity and plant life in general.

To build the Botanical Garden we had to change the old environment and some parts are now even paved to facilitate the visit of all, but we have the utmost respect for the soil we want permeable and rich in its live. We are in a corner of the millennial agricultural compendium of Astino Abbey where the Botanical Garden plays an interface role between the Plant Kingdom and the public.

Here we seek together answers to the question of what plants can feed on the planet?

We are about 7 billion people on the planet, ever so many, every day we eat and this is the reason we draw resources from agricultural and natural habitats to meet our relentless appetite.



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