Who are we

The Botanical Garden is a municipal institution founded in 1972, and it is a museum authorized by the Region of Lombardy (D.G.R. November 5, 2004 n. 7/19262). The museum is part of the Civic Museums Chain belongs the City of Bergamo, Department of Environment, Energy policy, and public green awareness. Its operation is governed by a regulation, adopted by the City Council with Decision No. 15 / I93197 / 2003 P.G. in the session of 02/02/2004.

The museum is also a member of the Italian Botanical Society and of BGCI – Botanic Gardens Conservation International. It is a node of the Network of Botanical Gardens of Lombardy since 2002, an association that aims to protect the knowledge, promotion and enhancement of the cultural heritage of the botanical gardens in Lombardy.