The civic Botanical Garden Lorenzo Rota in Bergamo is a non-profit institute museum open to the public on a permanent basis. The aims of the institute are to be at the service of the society in many fields such as: cultural, social, economic, farming, exhibitions arrangement, research, collecting, acquiring, conservation and studying plant collections; communication and presentations for purposes of study, education and pleasure, keeping material evidence of the Vegetable Kingdom, as well as developing and preserving the human knowledge and activity in relation to nature, to the land and to the plants landscape.

In particular, in order to acquire the knowledge and to take part in various seasons of the year, the Botanical Garden organizes annual exhibitions, guided tours, workshops for children and adults, discussions and conferences, in addition to the training courses and other educational teaching activities and cultural events that going on side by side to the activities of study and conservation of the natural plant heritage and threatened ecosystems.

The Botanical Garden of Bergamo, for its demonstrative and sharing nature, helps to bring the public closer to the world of plants and to arouse respect for nature. It conducts conservation of endangered plants and carries out re-introduction projects of endangered species in the wild. It carries out studies actions, preservation of natural plant heritage and threatened ecosystems.