A new experience awaits you in the “Valley of Biodiversity”: the new interactive tours, which give you the chance to explore the exhibition through the QR CODE (two-dimensional bar code) and the App Smile Visit: Landscape and Biodiversity in Valley of Astino.

QR CODE (two-dimensional bar code)


The QR code can be deciphered by simply downloading the appropriate app that allows a good visibility from your smart phone. With this tool, you can stroll in the Botanical Garden and build your visit according to your interests by choosing among the proposed issues listed in the card.

The QR codes are with information in Italian and or English, you will find them in flower beds in the vicinity of the plants of which is the media, close to the poles, the thematic stations, behind the mobile installations with the names of Families Botanical, near the path of the canvases ” what plants it feeds the man on the planet”, teaching platform, directly next to the dining area, near the entrance.


App of  SmileVisit: Landscape and biodiversity in Valley of Astino.

10003242_478985858870143_385639663_n-2SmileVisit is a digital enhancement project of the historical and artistic heritage, accompanies the tourist to visit museums and historical monuments in the city and in the territory. With just a smartphone or a tablet offered targeted information about works of art and monuments that tourists are interested in. All texts are based on the most updated bibliography of the monument in question and are elaborated by art historians and professionals in a simple and communicative language. The indispensable images are subject to specific photographic campaigns.

In collaboration with Fondazione Mia,  it was developed with a path in the Astino Valley with three nature trails:
The “Valley of Biodiversity”
The agriculture and forestry compendium of Astino Valley
Astino’s biological corridors

So you can learn more about not only the Botanical Garden, but also the natural environment that hosts it.