Erbario generale

Erbario generaleThe General herbarium of the Botanical Garden of Bergamo “Lorenzo Rota” consists of more than 5,000 samples of vascular plants collected in the second half of the twentieth century. Its increase does not require prerequisites taxonomic or distribution, even if the majority of the samples belong to the Lombard flora.

The samples are the result of donations or direct collected occasions by the scientific staff of the Botanical countries of study, students of natural sciences and biology on the occasion of their dissertations, fans and scholars.

For example there are specimens that document the study on lowland aquatic flora, the altitude grasslands, the forests, the rocks, riverbeds and more.

The increase goes hand in hand with studies and publications as it was for the area of Iseo-Endine environmental relevance, the Lombard springs, some sites of Community importance, the arid grasslands of Brembo.

Into it was merged the herbarium of Gian Guido Consonni, accountant from Lecco with strong passion for rare wild flora. He had a deep knowledge of the territory that runs from Valtellina to Lecco, with interest for some tips from Liguria and Bergamo, particularly rich areas of significant species. It was introduced to the subject by John Fornaciari, botanist who played an important role in the origins of the Botanical Friuli in Udine and the Alpine Botanical Garden ‘Rezia’ Bormio.

The general herbarium, mostly already filed, is an open collection, that is to say with its continuous increase.