FAB Herbarium – Flora Alpina Bergamasca

The latest dried collection of the Botanical Garden was carried on from F.A.B. – Flora Alpina Bergamasca Group. Currently it consists of 5,500 specimens that are part of Bergamo area and the immediate vicinity.

Most of the collections are attributable to the realization of a Chorological atlas dedicated to the distribution of all vascular spontaneous species of our territory. The huge work conducted mainly by enthusiasts and based on hundreds of thousands of data, will offer the most reliable picture of the Bergamo flora never realized until now. The atlas shows the distribution of each species in the meshes of a European Standardised cross-linked (CFCE).

The Herbarium at the service of issue documents for study, is entirely catalogued and constitute a reference elements consulted countless times for the correct identification of the samples identified during field research.

The open plan layout of the Herbarium FAB has the ambitious goal of achieving over time the collection with all species and spontaneous intraspecific taxa in the Bergamo.