The Botanical Garden of Bergamo is a home to people who decide to dedicate a part of their time to support a major cultural city life.

Those who adhere to the initiative as a volunteer have the opportunity to have an experience of formative and relational value. Learn to get to know the cataloging of historical and current herbaria, the management and the reorganization of museum collections. You can also participate in planting activities, support in temporary installations, support for routine maintenance of the flower beds and living botanical collections.

You will be actively involved during the events open to the public to support the disclosure and communications, acting as a spokesperson for the fundraising activities in support of scientific research and, on the occasion of teaching days, alongside educators of institutions that collaborate in the activities such as Horticultural therapy already progress.

The Botanical Garden of Bergamo offers its volunteers an environment rich in stimuli to increase knowledge and skills every day, free access to all the initiatives, free training in different areas and an opportunity to meet people passionate of the environment.

For information please write to volontari@ortobotanicodibergamo.it